You may be new to counselling and you may have several questions about how it works.

I will try to cover the main issues below, however if your question is not answered please do get in touch with me, by phone, email or by sending me a message via my contact page.

My background in counselling is person-centered. This means my work is focused on you. It also means that you as a person have the power and freedom to change. I work with a Transpersonal psychological approach, recognizing the spirituality or highest potential within us, and with creative and mindfulness approaches.

Centre for whole health

My work is also integrative, using a mixture of teachings and methods.

I offer individual counselling at the Centre For Whole Health in Bedminster, Bristol and in Street, Somerset

 The ClinicAppointments are 50 minutes long.

I would invite you to bring your personal experience, issues, challenges, needs, hopes and ideas to our initial meeting. Anything at all is acceptable.

We can then explore how you would like to work, length of time commitment (weekly, fortnightly or occasional sessions).

Everything that is presented and discussed in our session is completely confidential.